The story about
from Apr. to May 2013, ifurniture, NZ's pioneering online/ offline hybrid furniture shop was attacked by its competitors:
They kept generating flooding traffic to attack ifurniture's website, causing it crashed frequently.
Also they were calling ifurniture's shop's phone numbers each 10 seconds to jam all the incoming calls.
And, there were kinds of rumors online to blacken ifurniture...

So ifurniture published this mirror website, for spare use. --That's why you see this website.
Now ifurniture's website is recovered and the attacking is now under NZ police's investigation.

But we still keep rfurniture website as a part of the history.
Its the history of ifurniture's development. Also, a part of the history of NZ's furniture industry.

Click here to visit
Pls do not buy from rfurniture because the product and price information is out of date from May 2013. Go ifurniture pls...

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Auckland Delivery

For Auckland area, we can deliver the same day the order confirmed if required. --Like many new immigrants, they need to sleep on the bed the first night they land in NZ, so we try our best to deliver in the late night even we are very busy.

But if not that urgent, we normally will try to arrange delivery the following days. So normally it is from next day to within one week.

Special notes for the local delivery:

1. If not asked, the shipping quotation is for one person, that means sometimes the buyer end needs to give this deliver guy a hand for something too heavy or too big, like a sofa or a mattress. We do not want to sell our goods to those people that just watch aside and saying "I have paid deliver fee so do not ask me to help you". For extra person delivery, please ask for quotation.

2. Normally the delivery is to the door only. We do not have the obligation to move upstairs, open the box and put to its position. We may do that but it is not a must esp. when our deliver guys are not politely treated.

3. We can only confirm on the deliver day and the about time frame like Tuesday afternoon and Sunday evening. We can not confirm on the specified deliver time point like 2pm. Our deliver team will call you to confirm before they leave. --So you do not need to keep calling us to confirm and wait us the whole day at home. We will call you and we can guarantee we will deliver that day pre-arranged.

Buyer to pick up is welcome. Confirmation before pick up is needed.

Out of Auckland Delivery

We will arrange the goods ready for pick up within the same or next working day we receive the payment. But sometimes the courier guys or the shipping company will pick up the goods on their next working day.

So normally the deliver time is like bellow:

  • If the goods are sent out through couriers, it will take about 1 to 3 working days after picked up.
  • If the goods are sent through those general freighting companies, like BULLET FREIGHTERS, they will arrive very fast for some major cities, sometimes the next working day for Wellington Area. For most area, about 3 days to one week. They can pick up almost everyday.
  • If the goods are sent out through those professional furniture removers, like HARRIS TRANSPORT, they are also very fast for some major cities, like next working day for Wellington. For most area, about 3 days to one week, and may up to two weeks for some area like small towns. But they can not pick up everyday, sometimes only one pick up each week for some specified routes. –If we missed that pick up, we need to wait till the next week.

So except using couriers for those small items, if you can take the risk of possible damage on furniture, we can use those general freighters and they can arrive very fast, normally within one week. Otherwise, it may take about one to two weeks and maybe even longer for those professional furniture removers.

Buyer to arrange his own shipping company to pick up is welcome. Pre-arrange and confirmation is required before pick up.


But please notice: Although it seldom happens, we will not be responsible for the delay of delivery caused by the shippers. For more information, please read our terms.


Rural /Small Towns

In case of COURIER shipping, the RURAL DELIVERY will be charged extra.

For CARRIER shipping, the rural delivery or sending to small towns, it will be very expensive. We suggest the buyers can ask us to send to the closest major cities and go pick up from the depot.

We are now using probably the most cost efficient courier and national wide carriers, but we are still trying different ways to save for you.

Shipping Fee

Due to the complexity of the furniture industry, it is almost a mission impossible to pre-define the accurate shipping cost for each product. –If we do not sell with very high price and then offer “FREE SHIPPING” or simply charge you VERY HIGH and SAFE shipping fee.

For shipping cost, there are 3 kind of situations:

  • A. Some small products especially those flat packed and light weight items, they can be shipped by couriers. So the shipping cost is predefined accurately.
  • B. Most of the other products are bigger or heavier than the maximum of the couriers can take, so we will use a shipping company. The shipping cost will be charged on the basis of cubic miters, weight and detailed shipping address. The shipping rate is pretty cheap for major cities like Wellington and Hamilton. For some small towns, it is pretty high and those rural or outside of the town delivery will be very expensive. --In this case, you can ask to pick up on call from the shipping company's depo in the town to save you a fortune
  • C. For some very close delivers, that means in Auckland area, we can call a local shipping company to send a truck for your order. This is a small truck designated just for your order. The price starts from $50 per deliver. --Not per item, no matter how many items, up to a full truck load.

In case A you can see the detailed shipping cost already displayed on the product page. But if you are buying multiple items, maybe you can save on combined shipping cost.

In case B & C, the shipping cost will be preset to be an unpractical high cost, normally $999, for each item and displaying "Charge by location" on the product page. –This is to prevent you to check out directly with an un-confirmed shipping cost.

Please do not be scared on the unreal high shipping cost. You can simply submite the order without check out and wait for our staff to work out the accurate shipping cost and then change the very high preset shipping fee to be the actual cost. After that, you can check out with the updated link in “MY ORDERS” when log into “MY ACCOUNT”. –Sure you can give up the order if you think the shipping cost is no good or if you changed your idea on the order.


*in case you can not wait, you can call or email us asking to check your order and update the shipping cost ASAP
* We welcome the buyer to pick up or arrange his own shipping
* Anytime you have doubt on shipping cost, please stop before checkout, we can review the order and work out the accurate shipping cost for you.


  Purchase & Payment
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Auckland Delivery
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Rural /Small Towns
Shipping Fee
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