The story about
from Apr. to May 2013, ifurniture, NZ's pioneering online/ offline hybrid furniture shop was attacked by its competitors:
They kept generating flooding traffic to attack ifurniture's website, causing it crashed frequently.
Also they were calling ifurniture's shop's phone numbers each 10 seconds to jam all the incoming calls.
And, there were kinds of rumors online to blacken ifurniture...

So ifurniture published this mirror website, for spare use. --That's why you see this website.
Now ifurniture's website is recovered and the attacking is now under NZ police's investigation.

But we still keep rfurniture website as a part of the history.
Its the history of ifurniture's development. Also, a part of the history of NZ's furniture industry.

Click here to visit
Pls do not buy from rfurniture because the product and price information is out of date from May 2013. Go ifurniture pls...

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AQUA 620 Stand $159 $99 Buy now Stand or cabinet for Aqua 620 aquarium tank.
AQUA 480 Stand $129 $69 Buy now Stand or cabinet for Aqua 480 aquarium tank.
Microcomputer Temperature Controller System $149 $69 Buy now HX K8023 Microcomputer controlled temperature control system with 500w stainless steel heater.
HX 233 200W Stainless Steel Heater $29 $18.99 Buy now A high quality 200W heater made with stainless steel. 
HX 233 100W Stainless Steel Heater $29 $16.99 Buy now A high quality 100W heater made with stainless steel. 
HX 233 50W Stainless Steel Heater $29 $14.99 Buy now A high quality 50W heater made with stainless steel. 
HX 1200L Submersible Filter $29 $14.99 Buy now Submersible Filter combined functions for water pump, filter and oxygen supply in one body.
HX 1200L2 Submersible Filter $29 $14.99 Buy now Submersible Filter combined functions for water pump, filter and oxygen supply in one body.
Aquarium Air Pump HX-406 $29 $14.99 Buy now Twin channel air pump.
Aquarium Air Pump HX-308 $19 $9.99 Buy now Single channel air pump.
Submersible Thermometer BlueBay $9 $1.99 Buy now Submersible thermometer for indoor / outdoor aquarium.
Submersible Filter #338 $69 $29 Buy now Submersible thermometer for indoor / outdoor aquarium.
Submersible Thermometer AT01D $9 $1.99 Buy now Submersible thermometer for indoor / outdoor aquarium.
AQUA 1000 All in One Aquarium Tank with Stand $1900 $549 Buy now A big size ready to use all in one fish tank system with stand.
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