The story about
from Apr. to May 2013, ifurniture, NZ's pioneering online/ offline hybrid furniture shop was attacked by its competitors:
They kept generating flooding traffic to attack ifurniture's website, causing it crashed frequently.
Also they were calling ifurniture's shop's phone numbers each 10 seconds to jam all the incoming calls.
And, there were kinds of rumors online to blacken ifurniture...

So ifurniture published this mirror website, for spare use. --That's why you see this website.
Now ifurniture's website is recovered and the attacking is now under NZ police's investigation.

But we still keep rfurniture website as a part of the history.
Its the history of ifurniture's development. Also, a part of the history of NZ's furniture industry.

Click here to visit
Pls do not buy from rfurniture because the product and price information is out of date from May 2013. Go ifurniture pls...

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Arts & Decoration
Products Market Price Member Price Add to cart Description
NEWLAND Solid OAK Free Standing Cheval Mirror $399 $178 Buy now NEWLAND free standing mirror made with solid oak. A piece of our NEWLANSD solid oak series.
CHATEAU French Style Solid OAK Free Standing Cheval Mirror $399 $197 Buy now A free standing floor mirror, a more rural style of French Oak Furniture.
CAMBRIDGE 120X60 Oak Wall Mirror $219 $119 Buy now Solid Oak made wall mirror 120cm high and 60cm wide.
CAMBRIDGE 76X60 Oak Wall Mirror $199 $99 Buy now Solid Oak made wall mirror 76cm wide and 60cm high.
ATHENA Stainless Steel Flame Patio Heater $1099 $599 Buy now A splendid stainless steel flame patio gas heater.
HEMNES Mirror F60 *3 Colors $200 $89 Buy now Medium size mirror in 3 colors:walnut, golden and white.
Picnic Basket BP002 $70 $34 Buy now Picnic basket, lid is totally removable
Cane Vase BV002 $40 $19 Buy now Small size willow vase
Doll Pram B438B $280 $150 Buy now Lovely cane doll pram 
HEMNES Mirror F12 *3 Colors $200 $89 Buy now Medium size floor mirror in 3 colors:walnut, silver and white.
Picnic Basket BP003 $80 $43 Buy now Picnic basket woven with natural willow, supplied with lining

Handwoven Gift Basket BG015 $25 $10 Buy now Handwoven storage basket set, includes 4 pieces
Laundry Baskets BG005 $25 $15 Buy now 3 PC Laundry basket set, woven by willow
Picnic Basket BP001 $90 $36 Buy now Medium size picnic basket with lining, handwoven by natural osiers
Handwoven Gift Basket BG001 $25 $10 Buy now Handwoven basket set, includes 3 pieces
Laundry Baskets BG001 $25 $15 Buy now 3 PC Laundry basket set, woven by willow
Handwoven Gift Basket BG012 $10 $2.4 Buy now Small size handwoven gift basket 
Handwoven Gift Basket BG002 $25 $9 Buy now Handwoven basket set, includes 3 pieces
Handwoven Gift Basket BG006 $25 $10 Buy now Handwoven basket set, includes 3 pieces
Picnic Basket BP004 $80 $29 Buy now Oval picnic basket with lining, handwoven by natural osiers
Handwoven Gift Basket BG010 $20 $5 Buy now Handwoven basket set, includes 3 pieces
Handwoven Gift Basket BG008 $20 $5 Buy now Handwoven basket set, includes 3 pieces
Handwoven Gift Basket BG007 $20 $5 Buy now Handwoven basket set, includes 3 pieces
Artificial Peony *Assorted Color $36 $19 Buy now Artificial Flower with assorted color:Dark Pink/Light Pink/Red
COR Vase & Carnation Flower $89 $19.9 Buy now Small vase with artificial carnation flowers
REO Wooden Flower Barrel *3 Size $60 $19.9 Buy now Solid Wooden Flower Barrel in 3 sizes.
Artificial Roses *Assorted Color $16 $4.9 Buy now Artificial Flower with assorted color:Champagne/Pink/White/Red

Artificial Gardenia Flower *Assorted Color $17 $5.9 Buy now Artificial Gardenia Flower with assorted color:Purple/Red/Pink/White/Rose Red
Artificial Cosmos *4 color $14 $3.9 Buy now Artificial Cosmos in 4 colors:Dark purple/Light purple/Pink/White
TEC Artificial Roses *4 color $13 $2.9 Buy now Artificial Roses in 4 colors:White/Red/Pink/Orange

ARO Glass Vase & Camellia Flower $99 $39.9 Buy now Clear glass vase with Camellia
Artificial Calla Lily *2 color $13 $5.9 Buy now Artificial Calla Lily in 2 colors:White/Green
FROST Glass Vase $69 $14.9 Buy now Glass vase in medium size.(without flowers)
COY Flower flower Rattan & Flower $99 $29.9 Buy now Lovely pink flower Rattan with artificial flowers
ELO Vase & Small Sunflowers $89 $19.9 Buy now ELO Vase with small artificial Sunflowers
Fence & artificial Valentine Roses $140 $34.9 Buy now Fence & Artificial Valentine Roses
NEO Flower Rattan & Roses $200 $99.9 Buy now NEO Flower Rattan & Artificial red Roses
ORA Glass Vase & Camellia $140 $69.9 Buy now Ash color glass vase with artificial Camellia
Artificial Gerbera *3 color $8 $1.9 Buy now artificial Gerbera in 2 colors: Orange/Pink
SOL Flower Rattan & Eucalyptus grass $30 $12.9 Buy now Lovely flower rattan with artificial Eucalyptus grass
OREO artificial Rose with fragrance *3 color $89 $29 Buy now PU made artificial Rose with fragrance in 3 colors:White/Red/Rose Pink
Wooden drum barrels & Roses $70 $29.9 Buy now Solid Wooden drum barrels with assorted colors artificial roses
Flower Rattan & Large Sunflowers $199 $99 Buy now Flower Rattan with large aritificial Sunflowers
AVIVA Vase & Camellia $120 $59.9 Buy now Pure white ceramic vase with red Camellia
SNOW Vase & Flower $120 $59 Buy now Pure white ceramic vase with  3 branch flowers.
BABYLON Vase *2 color $139 $69 Buy now Modern design glass floor vase in 2 color.(without flowers)
PUMPKIN Wood Vase $50 $14.9 Buy now Solid wood vase in medium size.(without flowers)
YORK Vase & Flower $60 $24.9 Buy now Small pure white ceramic vase with fresh green plant
NARDI Vase & Flower *Daisy in 3 color $20 $9.9 Buy now Small clear glass vase with a lovely daisy
RUBIK Vase *3 Color $20 $8.9 Buy now Small ceramic vase in 3 color.(without flowers)
ISABELLA Vase $69 $29 Buy now Cream color spiral ceramic vase in medium size.(without flowers)
AVIVA Vase $79 $29 Buy now Pure white ceramic vase in medium size.(without flowers)
VENUS Vase *2 Color $69 $29 Buy now Modern design ceramic vase in 2 color.(without flowers)
SNOW Vase $89 $39 Buy now Pure white ceramic vase in medium size.(without flowers)
Sarah-Mirror-R21 $200 $59 Buy now Sarah-Mirror-R21
Sarah Mirror R20 $400 $129 Buy now Sarah-Mirror-R20
Sarah-Mirror-S11 $350 $99 Buy now Sarah-Mirror-S11
Sarah-Mirror-S10 $300 $89 Buy now Sarah-Mirror-S10
Lacquered Cut Out Screen/Room Divider 3 Colors $899 $350 Buy now "Lacquered Cut Out Screen/Room Divider” Italian Design in Black , Red or White Color.
JIANG-NAN Room Divider $349 $169 Buy now Hand crafted Chinese style room divider with peaceful JIANG-NAN scenes.
MING 4 Panel Room Divider $349 $169 Buy now Chinese antique style double sided room divider.
MARUPA 180 Room Divider Screen $199 $89 Buy now Exotic and attractive room divider.
ORANGE Wall Clock $29 $9.99 Buy now ORANGE round shape wall clock.
THE PRINCE Wall Clock $25 $9.99 Buy now A cartoon motion FROG wall clock for the kids or the big ones with a young heart.
MOW Clock $25 $9.99 Buy now A cartoon motion wall clock for the kids or the big ones with a young heart.
STAR Clock $12 $4.99 Buy now Wall or table top clock in cute star shape.
TRITON White Weather Wall Clock $49 $19.9 Buy now A medium size modern wall clock with temperature and humidity read.
SHEEP Clock $25 $9.99 Buy now Nice cartoon sheep motion clock.
MILK COW Wall Clock $29 $9.9 Buy now A cartoon motion wall clock for the kids or the big ones with a young heart.
GREEN LEMON Wall Clock $29 $9.99 Buy now Green Lemon round shape wall clock.
GALLERY Wall Clock $99 $54.9 Buy now Remember the greatest of times and achievements with our GALLERY wall clock!
TRITON Black Weather Wall Clock $49 $19.9 Buy now A medium size modern wall clock with temperature and humidity read.
FLORIST Metal Arts Wall Clock Model RR $99 $39 Buy now Don't just keep track of time, enjoy it with the FLORIST Metal ARTS Wall Clock.
FLORIST Metal Arts Wall Clock Model SO $99 $39 Buy now Don't just keep track of time, enjoy it with the FLORIST Metal ARTS Wall Clock.
FLORIST Metal Arts Wall Clock Model OO $99 $39 Buy now Don't just keep track of time, enjoy it with the FLORIST Metal ARTS Wall Clock.
FLORIST Metal Arts Wall Clock Model SR $99 $39 Buy now Don't just keep track of time, enjoy it with the FLORIST Metal ARTS Wall Clock.
JAVA Room Divider $199 $89 Buy now This natural, woven-fiber room divider brings an earthy, serene feeling to any room.
4 FLOWER Room Divider Screen $349 $169 Buy now Chinese style double sided room divider with drawing of 4 kinds of flowers.
MARUPA 170 Room Divider Screen $179 $69 Buy now This exotic and attractive room divider is crafted of wood frames and spun plant fiber cord.
"Petrified Tree” (Medium) $500 $169 Buy now "Petrified Tree” (Medium) M09 by Robianto
Pewter Candlesticks M11 $130 $75 Buy now "Italian Pewter Candlesticks” M 11
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