The story about
from Apr. to May 2013, ifurniture, NZ's pioneering online/ offline hybrid furniture shop was attacked by its competitors:
They kept generating flooding traffic to attack ifurniture's website, causing it crashed frequently.
Also they were calling ifurniture's shop's phone numbers each 10 seconds to jam all the incoming calls.
And, there were kinds of rumors online to blacken ifurniture...

So ifurniture published this mirror website, for spare use. --That's why you see this website.
Now ifurniture's website is recovered and the attacking is now under NZ police's investigation.

But we still keep rfurniture website as a part of the history.
Its the history of ifurniture's development. Also, a part of the history of NZ's furniture industry.

Click here to visit
Pls do not buy from rfurniture because the product and price information is out of date from May 2013. Go ifurniture pls...

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Shelf & Cabinet
Products Market Price Member Price Add to cart Description
NEWLAND Solid Oak Narrow Book Shelf $749 $467 Buy now NEWLAND solid oak bookshelf in narrow design. A piece of our NEWLANSD solid oak series.
NEWLAND Solid Oak Low Wide Book Shelf $599 $389 Buy now NEWLAND solid oak bookshelf. Low and wide design. A piece of our NEWLANSD solid oak series.
NEWLAND Solid Oak Display Cabinet $1599 $897 Buy now NEWLAND Solid oak display cabinet with glass shelves and a splendid LED light on the top. A beautiful piece of Oak Furniture which would take pride of place in any home.
NEWLAND Solid Oak Corner Display Cabinet $1099 $678 Buy now NEWLAND Solid oak corner display cabinet with glass shelves and a splendid LED light on the top. A beautiful piece of Oak Furniture which would take pride of place in any home.
CHATEAU French Style Solid Oak Display Cabinet $1499 $869 Buy now Chateau display cabinet with 2 door and 2 drawer in medium oak lacquer finish is a more rural style of French Oak Furniture. It may have less ornamentation, decoration and be less flamboyant than some; it does however, still retain a Gallic flourish, with curved plinths and cornice work. 
OASIS 60-4 NZ Pine Book Shelf $340 $199 Buy now 60cm wide solid NZ PINE book case with 4 shelf.
OASIS 90-3 NZ Pine Book Shelf $300 $199 Buy now 90cm wide solid NZ PINE made book case with 3 shelf.
OASIS 90-4 NZ Pine Book Shelf $400 $249 Buy now Solid NZ PINE book case with 4 shelf.
OASIS 150-3 Book Shelf $399 $289 Buy now Solid NZ PINE wide lowline Book Shelf.
EARLY SETTLER 4X3 Rustic Book Case $429 $279 Buy now Solid pine made book case in rustic classic federation design. 
EARLY SETTLER 7X4 Rustic Book Case $699 $499 Buy now 2.05 miters high and 1.24m wide huge size solid pine made book case in rustic classic federation design.
EARLY SETTLER 6X3 Rustic Book Case $549 $419 Buy now Solid pine made book case in rustic classic federation design. 
JENNEY Wall Rack & Hook Set *Black or White $49 $29 Buy now Wall mount solid wood made rack with 5 metal hook set.
NOVA 5Tier Rack $69 $49 Buy now Beautiful natural CATALPA wood made 5 tier rack.
NOVA 4 Tier Rack $49 $39 Buy now Beautiful natural CATALPA wood made 4 tier rack.
NOVA 3 Tier Rack $39 $29 Buy now Beautiful natural CATALPA wood made 3 tier rack.
JENNEY Shoe Rack Bench *White Wash $149 $79 Buy now Solid wood made bench with 2 layers of shoe racks.
WALKER Stackable Rack * Parallel or Mesh Pattern $29 $21.5 Buy now Solid Catalpa wood made racks that can be stacked to make a big one.
JENNEY Shoe Rack Bench *Black $149 $79 Buy now Solid wood made bench with 2 layers of shoe racks.
JENNEY Shelf 5 Tier White Wash $199 $135 Buy now 5 tier Multifunctional chelf made with solid pine in white wash finishing.
JENNEY Shelf 4 Tier White Wash $129 $95 Buy now 4 tier Multifunctional chelf made with solid pine in white wash finishing.
JENNEY Shelf 3 Tier White Wash $99 $75 Buy now 3 tier Multifunctional chelf made with solid pine in white wash finishing.
JENNEY Shelf 4 Tier Natural Color $129 $85 Buy now 4 tier Multifunctional chelf made with solid pine in natural pine finishing.
JENNEY Shelf 3 Tier Natural Color $99 $65 Buy now 3 tier Multifunctional chelf made with solid pine in natural pine finishing.
STUDIO Glass Shelf Unit $179 $99 Buy now 5 Layer black tempered glass made shelf. 
CAMBRIDGE Solid Oak Display Cabinet $1199 $579 Buy now Beautiful solid oak made display cabinet.
Cambridge Solid Oak Narrow 1 Drawer Bookcase $799 $429 Buy now 1.9m high narrow book shelf made with sold oak.
HAMPTON 90-4 NZ Pine Book Shelf $400 $239 Buy now Solid NZ PINE book case with 4 shelf.
HAMPTON 60-4 NZ Pine Book Shelf $340 $199 Buy now Solid NZ PINE book case with 4 shelf.
DORA 2 Door Book Shelf $300 $189 Buy now 2 x 5 book shelf with 2 doors.
NOVIA 85 3-shelf Book Shelf $120 $59 Buy now Small size MDF Book Shelf with 3-shelf Fully Adjustable.
NOVIA 2 Shelf Wall Unit $90 $35 Buy now Small size laminated board wall unit with 2 shelf.
OLIVE 5X5 Wall Unit $700 $399 Buy now Big size 5x5 wall unit in black walnut color.
BLANCO 3X3 Wall Unit $500 $229 Buy now Medium size white wall unit.
HAMPTON 120 Book Shelf $429 $339 Buy now Solid NZ PINE wide tall Book Shelf.
HAMPTON 60-5 NZ Pine Book Shelf $369 $239 Buy now Solid NZ PINE narrow book case with 5 shelf.
HAMPTON 90-5 NZ Pine Book Shelf $399 $299 Buy now Solid NZ PINE book case with 5 shelf.
GRID 6-II wooden rack $89 $44.9 Buy now GRID 6-II  wooden rack
NOVIA 202 6T Book Shelf $179 $109 Buy now 2 Miter Tall Solid MDF Book Shelf with 6 Tier Fully Adjustable.
MALBOROUGH Wine Rack $599 $319 Buy now Beautiful Solid NZ Pine Made Wine Rack with 5 Drawers.
IOWA Display Cabinet $699 $399 Buy now
HAMPTON 147 Book Shelf $399 $269 Buy now Solid NZ PINE wide lowline Book Shelf.
STELLA Shoe Cabinet $499 $269 Buy now Large size shos storage solution for familiy.
NORDHOM Corner Display Cabinet $399 $289 Buy now Corner display caibet designed with mirror and light.
EDDA Shoe Cabinet $449 $249 Buy now Large size storage solution for your shoes.
JANA Shoe Cabinet $289 $179 Buy now A medium to large solution for your family shoes storage.
NOVIA Display Book Shelf $499 $329 Buy now Display cabinet / book shelf with 4 doors.
DANA Shoe Shelf $289 $159 Buy now A modern and stylish shoe shelf.
CORA Shoe Cabinet $149 $59 Buy now CORA Shoe Cabinet/shelf is a small size storage solution for apartments or young families. 
GRID 6-I wooden rack $89 $44.9 Buy now GRID 6-I multipurpose wooden rack /shelf.
GRID 9 wooden rack $99 $54.9 Buy now GRID 9 multipurpose wooden rack /shelf.
NEVADA Corner Display Cabinet $799 $579 Buy now NEVADA Corner Display Cabinet made with solid pine.
OREGON Display Cabinet $699 $549 Buy now OREGON Display Cabinet made with solid pine.
SYDNEY Display Cabinet $699 $519 Buy now SYDNEY Display Cabinet made with solid pine.
HUNTER VALLEY Wine Rack $599 $319 Buy now HUNTER VALLEY Wine Rack made with solid pine.
MALBEC II Wine Rack $349 $259 Buy now 2 Drawer MELBECK II Wine Rack Made with solid pine.
HAMPTON Book Shelf with Glass Doors $599 $419 Buy now HAMPTON Book Shelf with Glass Doors made with solid pine.
HAMPTON 90 NZ Pine Low Book Shelf $369 $239 Buy now Solid NZ PINE narrow Book Shelf.
HAMPTON 100 NZ Pine Book Shelf $499 $329 Buy now Solid NZ PINE Book Shelf.
MALBEC I Wine Rack $299 $149 Buy now Solid NZ PINE wine rack with one drawer.
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